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Projects take place at sea and on land – and many projects combine both situations.

Each of the complex steps in project implementation – ranging from issues of viability to detailed technical solutions – are overseen and supervised by ITT – Port Consult.

My combined experience is derived from substantial work in a design-engineering office, and, on the client side, from several years of project monitoring.

As your consultant and service provider, I would like to share with you my know-how of more than 14 years of project work – including projects in port and in civil engineering, as well as building land improvement, building construction, and project management.

This body of acquired knowledge, plus my understanding of the needs on the client side, both at operational and technical level and from a corporate structural point of view, I would like to use in determining the proper solutions for you.

Teamwork, not only within ITT – Port Consult GmbH, but also with clients and related partner offices, is the foundation for the project’s success.

I am looking forward to cooperating with you, and presenting you with practical ways to achieve your technical and economic targets.

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